Pay Dirt Slots

Another game you can play that has the best graphics and sounds at Liberty Slots Casino is Pay Dirt Slots. The name may not say much about the theme of the game, but Pay Dirt slots is actually a slot game with no particular unified theme but one wherein you will find the most diverse symbols. As such, you can expect your gaming experience in Pay Dirt to be one of a kind – in fact - stellar! The best part about Pay Dirt slots is that it will definitely not leave you disappointed. These are just some of the worthy reasons why Pay Dirt Slots has been such a popular slot game at Liberty Slots Casino.

The Theme of Pay Dirt Slots

One initial reaction you may have about the game is that it doesn’t really spell out what the theme of the game is. Like every other casino player, you will find the theme of this slot game nowhere in the game title. To truly understand what the theme of Pay Dirt slots is, you will have to experience the game firsthand. You will find the interface of Pay Dirt slots to be surprisingly easy on the eyes, although not really a standout in terms of the graphics. By keeping it simple, Pay Dirt slots has managed to pull together a comprehensive and solid slot game. The sounds also help substantially in making Pay Dirt slots a game worth playing. Finally, of primary concern to you must be the symbols used in the game. You will be pleased to know that the symbols in Pay Dirt slots vary in design. Some of the most noticeable symbols are the dollar signs and the Egyptian-style pyramids.

The Rules of Pay Dirt Slots

You don’t have to be a genius to know what Pay Dirt is all about. In fact, the rules of the game are pretty simple. Pay Dirt slots is a three reel slot game, so all you have to do is match all three symbols in each of the reels and make sure that they are in the center payline, as this is the payline you are going to play with the number of coins of your choice. However, if you play 3 coins priced at $1 each, you get to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot which is, to say, a large amount away from the usual payout in slots.