Video Poker

Video poker is a computerised version of five-card draw and has been around since the mid 1970s. Video poker is played in casinos on slot game sized machines. Players will therefore play against a computer rather than other opponents and try to better their score and subsequent winnings.

Playing the game

At start of a game of video poker, player place their bet of one or more chips/credits. They must then push the ‘deal’ button in order to be dealt the cards. As with standard 5-card draw, players are then given the opportunity to keep or change one or more of their cards. When this part of the game has been completed the computer will then assess the players hand to see if it matches one of the winning combinations in the pay structure. The basic hand that is required is generally a pair, but all players will need to read the pay structure before playing. Some video poker machines offer a progressive jackpot for a Royal Flush.

Types of Poker