Betsoft Gaming Launches a Fangtastic new slot game

Betsoft Gaming has launched another brilliant new slot title. Sink your fangs into the vampire themed Blood Eternal Slots and find out if you can make some bloody good winnings. The game is part of the developer's famed Slots3™ casino entertainment collection. It features a total of six slot reels together with thirty winlines, on which your symbol combinations need to be placed.

Blood Eternal Slots puts its fangs into the ever popular vampire theme. The slot lets you enjoy lots of rewarding in-game events, and these events are even more fun when you consider that they will entertain you during a time of the year in which everything that is creepy is honored in great fashion.

We are talking of course about the Halloween festivities that will soon take place again. Thanks to Blood Eternal Slots, you can make that joyful celebration extra special this year, because you will not only be able to collect a lot of delicious candies, but also buckets of coins if you make some successful reel spins. Read on and find out what this game has to offer.

Special features that will make your vampire spinning experience extra special

This game has lots of special features that will make your vampire spinning experience extra fun and lucrative. For example, a vampire and human symbol combo triggers free spins, there are bats that bring along extra high prizes, and you are able to double up on your profits during coin toss games that can be enjoyed after you've made regular wins on the main game.

Embrace the darkness but keep searching for that golden light

Play Blood Eternal Slots to kick off the season of longer shadows, harvests, bonfires, and creepy looking pumpkins, with a blast. This game will make you coin and bloodthirsty while it effectively put you in the mood for the coming dark days. And it is up to you to bring some light to those days as well.

It will be big juicy cash wins that will bring those welcome spots of light in the darkness. Ferociously embrace these wins and put your fangs into them so that they are unable to escape. Head over to a Betsoft powered casino platform today, because it is time to draw first blood and first wins. And if you are new to the world of vampires and casino slot games, then you can also play this game with fun coin wagers that will not cost you a bloody dime.