Lucky 7s Slots

Players will always say that luck is a major component with games that involve slot machines. At most, what a player can do is play as many games as possible to be able to get the winning formula by some stroke of luck. There are some players who prefer playing more reels than the usual three or five reels that are commonly served out to casino players over the Internet. There is such a game known as Lucky 7s Slot which can be played at LibertySlots Casino and available both in downloading and Flash version.

Lucky 7s Slots: Hitting on the Right Buttons

The first button a player needs to be familiar with when playing Lucky 7s is the BET ONE button which gives the player free rein on placing one bet at a time in the game. You may opt to increase or decrease the coin bets according to your preferences. It is also possible to play for the maximum bet with the most paylines possible by clicking on the button called BET MAX. The maximum bet for this game is $10 to play 7 paylines. Every coin selected for a payline will activate it, so that a winning combination arising from it will receive a corresponding payout. Similarly, an inactive or disabled payline will not win you a payout even if a winning combination should show up on the payline.

To get the ball rolling, hit Spin and the reels will start spinning until it rests on a winning or non-winning combination. But if you want to go ahead of the game, you may Stop Spin the reels so that you can find out the result earlier than letting the reels rest according to its course.

Lucky 7s Symbols to Recall

When playing Lucky 7s, you will recall that this is the top symbol to watch out for because it has the highest payout among the symbol combinations you will find on the payout table. In descending order, you can start looking our for other symbols like a bag of money, gold bar, poker chip, billiard ball, and cherries. In all six symbols, you have to see at least three of the same symbols in a payline before any payout is calculated in your favor. A bet of $3 on a winning combination of four billiard balls will earn you $15 ($3 x 5). Imagine a $10 bet on the same combination and it could turn out to be $50 for you! Play Lucky 7s Slots at Liberty Slots Casino. They also feature Flash Instant Play!