Mermaid’s Quest Slots

Mermaid's Quest Slots
Slot machines with under-the-sea characters! Yes, there’s one favorite of ours called Mermaid’s Quest that will catch your fancy with its underwater charm. These mythical characters continue to bring pleasure through stories that both children and adults enjoy re-telling from one generation to another. You have no doubt seen them in movies, books, and magazines. There is no reason why slot machines can’t become a part of this ongoing saga, especially when you’re at the new Liberty Slots Casino.

Rules of the Game Mermaid’s Quest Slots

Finding treasures with symbols associated with the sea may show up on any of the five reels, with up to 9 activated paylines. However, if the winning combination comes up on a non-activated payline, there is no corresponding payout. Suppose several winning combinations do come up, then the highest payout for a combination is given to the player and added to his account.

Activated paylines depend on the number of coin bets placed on a payline. If no coin bet is placed on a payline, this is deemed disabled and ineligible for a possible payout. There is a table of payouts available showing how wins are paid from left to right. However, should the game experience a malfunction, the payouts are automatically voided.

Loads of Symbols

In Mermaid’s Quest Slots, a player will find opportunities to view several symbols that can translate to higher payouts as they play the game. You may get the wild Treasure Chest symbol that acts similar to any substitute you find in other slot machines. Combinations of these symbols can also earn corresponding payouts as shown on the payout table.

King Neptune is the scatter symbol, which automatically generates a payout, and does not necessarily have to fall on an active payline. If you get at least three King Neptune symbols, it also activates free spins wherein winning combinations earns the player double the regular payout for such winnings. Win the same number of free spins as you would on a regular spin for more chances at any of the prizes available.

Activate the bonus round with at least three mermaids on select paylines, which covers three levels containing eight treasure boxes in which prizes are hidden. Prizes accumulate as they are revealed from each level of the bonus game. You must know that payouts rely heavily on the coin bets and prizes revealed from the bonus game once launched.

Discover the world that Jacques Cousteau devoted his life to by playing Mermaid Slots at Liberty Slots Casino!