Reel Deal Slots

A new variety of slot machines have been gaining a share of players rather quickly over the past several weeks. Many are easily attracted to this game because of the similarities it shares with a popular game show, which is equated with millions of dollars. Add to this the fact that this game show has its following both in the US and Great Britain. It is expected that the same people will gravitate towards the slot machine game called The Reel Deal Slots. Get a peek at this game at Liberty Slots Casino, and find out why this game has become all the rage! Read our Liberty Slots review for more information that will help you to start to play The Real Deal Slots.

Reel Deal Slots - The Briefcase

The game show, “Deal or No Deal” is associated with several briefcases, which, when revealed, will either show a high or low payout amount. This is the same symbol that would launch the bonus round in The Reel Deal. And this is where the fun really begins because it is patterned after this game show.

There are a total of 26 briefcases and you will be asked to open a number of them. In round 1, the player gets to open 6 briefcases, 7 during the second round, and one less for each succeeding round until rounds 6 to 9 - where the player opens a briefcase for each. In round 10, the player picks a briefcase which, when revealed, becomes the prize for that round. Along the way, the banker will try to entice the player with an offer to get him or her to stop selecting briefcases and accept the offer without waiting to reveal the last briefcase. The more briefcases with a lower value that are uncovered, the higher the banker’s offer will be. So far, the big winners of this bonus round have agreed to take the banker’s offer.

Reel Deal Free Spins

Aside from the much talked about bonus round, players may have the chance to play free spins by getting 3 or more of the scatter symbols on any reel. The scatter symbol also has a corresponding payout so that it becomes a symbol for many opportunities. Payouts for winning combinations shown after a free spin are doubled, but this does not apply to symbols for additional free spins. The player still gets the same number of free spins similar to a regular combination. Control buttons are normally disabled when playing free spins including selections for paylines. Should you get disconnected during a free spin, you can start from the last completed free spin once you are reconnected.

Play the Reel Deal at Liberty Slots Casino

If you want to experience the thrill players have had on the Deal or No Deal game show, join Liberty Slots Casino and play the Reel Deal Slots. There’s a briefcase with your name on it!