Multihand Double Joker Poker

Technology has been kind to the gaming industry with the continued growth and expansion of online casinos including but not limited to video poker. Video poker combines the winning combination of slot machines and your regular but highly popular poker game. See how good you are against a machine as your dealer and find out how much you can win from playing multi-hand double Joker. Visit Liberty Slots Casino website and download casino softwar which offers this type of game, played with multiple hands for maximum fun and winnings.

Winning Hands

To be able to win according to the payout table, you can try coming up with any of these hands. Suited hands that are in chronological order is at the top called the natural royal flush which is composed of face cards and a ten, all belonging to a single suit. A joker royal flush is similar to the royal flush except that in place of a ten, there’s one more joker on the hand for a total of two jokers. The next hand is known as 5 of a kind with four cards with similar denomination, plus a joker or three cards of similar denominations plus two jokers. Straight flush is self explanatory with 5 cards in straight sequence all suited. 4 of a kind includes four cards belonging to the same denominations with the fifth card which can be any card. When we say full house, it’s a combination of 3 cards of 1 denomination and two cards of the same denomination. Flush means any card value, all suited, white straight means 5 sequential cards belonging to different suits. 3 of a kind includes one denomination for three cards with the last two composed of any card. Two pairs mean two cards in pairs with an extra card.

Understand the Game

The game of multihand double poker is simple in itself with only a few buttons to recall that would make the game fairly easy to play. Make your choice of the coin bet denomination along the Coin valued and do the same for the number of hands to play. Set the wheels in motion by pressing Deal on the page so the computer dealer will deal five cards facing up. The next move is yours to keep or change the hand. If a player has chosen to play three cards, then three sets of cards are dealt for the player. Check and match with the payout table at Liberty Slots Online Casino.