Admirals Inn Slots

Have fun with slot machines with its original themes that is completely different from other slot games. You will find loads to see and feast on at the Admirals Inn after you download Liberty Slots Casino. The theme is that of an inn, but it’s not just the usual inn you would visit but an inn with a theme. See how much fun you will get from this game by viewing it from the web-based casino.

Understanding the Game

Many of the games offer similar buttons for consistency. This makes all slot games easier to follow since the buttons are named the same as what you will find in other slot games. Ditto for Admirals Inn where the following buttons BET ONE, BET MAX, SPIN, and STOP SPIN can be easily viewed during the game. In the same sequence, a player can play the game by choosing the coin bets he or she wishes to play for a particular payline using the BET ONE button. BET MAX gives the player the freedom to play for the maximum bet with the maximum payline for a bigger chance of cornering more payout from winning combinations that may come up from an active payline. Easily, one can figure out for himself that SPIN indicates the start of spinning the reels. STOP SPIN is an optional action or game control a player may opt to take in case he or she wants to stop the reels from spinning.

Winning Combinations

Winning from three slots after three paylines can be quite tricky. There may be times when you need to play several more rounds just to win something. Although there are several symbols that are included in the table for payouts, all three has to be there for the payout to work. This goes for the anchors, ship’s wheels, sharks, compasses, moons, hourglasses, double bars, single bars, and journals. The ANCHOR is a wild symbol. The only other symbol where one in any active payline can win you something is the anchor, but the chances of getting that can be quite low. Unfortunately, there are no payouts for any two symbols of the same kind.

This game might be a bit tougher to handle than most other games, but then again, if you think you’re lucky, you just might pull off some payout from this game. If you need to push your luck just a bit more, it wouldn’t hurt to place another coin bet here and there.