Double Gold Slots

There's gold in them thar cyberspace hills! Wager Gaming is proud to offer you the Double Gold online slots.

Double Gold: Classic Features

Double Gold is a not-so-classic, 3-reel, 1-payline slot game. Just like any basic slot game, it has very easy-to-comprehend rules. First of all, you need to choose whether to play with 1, 2 or 3 coins. You can play using coin value from 10 cents up to 10 dollars. After betting your desired number of coins, hit Spin to start playing.

You can expect the usual assortment of symbols in Double Gold, too. here are the Cherry, the 1-Bar and the 2-Bar symbols. here are also the number 7 symbols. The symbol that makes this slot game unique is the Double Gold logo.

Double Gold Symbols and Winning Combinations

However, Double Gold adds a twist to classic slot machine fun. For one, it has a wild symbol – the Double Gold logo. The Double Gold logo can replace any other symbol in the game to give you a winning combination. For instance, if you land two Cherry symbols on the outer reels and a Double Gold logo at the middle reel, the Double Gold logo becomes another Cherry symbol so you get a winning combination of three Cherries.

There's more. The Double Gold logo is not only a wild symbol, it is also a multiplier symbol. Basically, one Double Gold logo means you get twice the prize for the winning combination that the Double Gold completes. Two Double Gold logos, on the other hand, means you win 4 times the actual prize for the winning combination. Thus, in the above example where the Double Gold logo plays wild and forms a winning combination of three Cherry symbols, you will get twice the allotted prize for that combination.

However, if you get three Double Gold logos on the payline, the Double Gold logos in this case are not wild or multiplier symbols. Three Double Gold logos on the payline already represent the highest-paid winning combination. In fact, landing this combination on a bet of one coin will win you 800 coins. On a two-coin spin, this combination will win you 1,600 coins. A three-coin spin resulting in this combination, on the other hand, will win you 2,500 coins.

Notice that you'll win an extra 100 coins if you hit the highest combination at bet max. Therefore, betting max or three coins for every spin pays when playing Double Gold. Read our Liberty Slots Casino promotions for more information about casino bonuses, payouts and promotions.

Double Gold Slots

This is a casino slot game for classic-reel lovers who are hankering for a little more excitement and greater rewards. Experience double the usual fun; play Double Gold now!