Liberty 7s Slots

Let the bells ring for liberty! Yes, at Liberty Slots Casino there is a slot machine game that offers unique game-play perks, great loot, and a cool theme. It's called Liberty 7s Slots!

Distinctively American

Liberty 7s Slots is a 3-reel, 1-payline slot game. It has an all-American theme with its American Flag color scheme. The game looks eye-catching and colorful, yet not overwhelmingly so. In addition, the game symbols, graphics, and backdrop are also clear and well-rendered.

Particularly Rewarding

People who play Liberty 7s Slots, however, do not play this game because of patriotic tendencies. Sure, love of country may be one of the factors they continue playing Liberty 7s, but it's almost a certainty that they love its payouts more.

You see, Liberty 7s has one of the highest potential returns in online slots. Just like other 3-reel slots, you need only 10 cents to start playing; you can select greater coin values up to $10. You can also bet from one to three coins per spin. In Liberty 7s, however, you can gain much more for each coin bet. Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a slot that pays 2,400 coins on the highest winning combination for a bet of only ONE coin. If that's not fantastic news, then this will blow your mind away: A maximum-bet play resulting in the highest winning combination will give you a whopping payout of 10,000 coins!

Liberty 7s rewards maximum bets more than other online casinos. Apart from this disproportionately large jackpot, there's also a 5,000-coin reward for those who bet 3 coins and manage to line up 3 Red Seven symbols on the payline. This 5,000-coin payout is also considerably larger than the payout for such a combination if the player bet only one or two coins instead of three.

All in all, you have great chances of winning in Liberty 7s due to its 13 paid combinations. The one with the highest payout, as mentioned above, is a combination of 3 Seven symbols; specifically, one Red Seven at the left reel, one White Seven at the middle, and one Blue Seven at the right reel. You can check out the other combinations at the prominently displayed paytable on top of the reels.

Liberty 7s Slots: Best Strategy

If you are going to play Liberty 7s, it's best to bet three coins every time. You don't have to use $10-coins. You can bet the minimum coin value as long as keep your bets at maximum. This way, you will always be prepared to take advantage whenever Lady Luck gives you the jackpot combination. If you want to celebrate the New Year in style, visit Liberty Slots Casino and play Liberty 7s Slots!