Malt Shop Memories Slots

Malt Shop Memories Slots
Hang out and relive a blast from the past with Malt Shop Memories Slots at Lincoln Casino. This fun game is a 3-reel, 1-payline slot that will not only give you fortune but also kindle pleasant memories. Interested to know more information about VIP Slots banking system, promotions, and bonuses before you start to play Malt Shop Memories Slots? Read our Lincoln Casino review.

Malt Shop Memories Theme

One look at the Malt Shop Memories Slots game screen will bring you back to the time of the Mom-and-Pop-style cafes and shops that served the best milkshakes and burgers, with waitresses serving on roller skates. Malt Shop Memories keeps true to its theme through symbols such as: Milkshake, Burger, (an old model) Car, Skates, and Race Flags. The Bars (the usual three variants with a new look), complete the list of Malt Shop Memories symbols.

The backdrop is also in keeping with the retro theme. On the left side is a young man wearing a cocky grin and leaning on a racy red car, and on the right side is a milkshake-guzzling young lady in a full skirt and red dancing shoes.

Beyond symbolism, the graphics are not exceptional, however. The quality is good, but Malt Shop Memories' graphics are not as dynamic or realistic as that of other slot games. They serve their purpose well however (i.e. they reinforce the game's theme), and that's the important thing.

Beyond Superficial

There's more to the game than a malt shop theme, however. This game can give you a jackpot of 2000 coins if you bet the max then land the jackpot combination: 3 Milkshake symbols on the payline. The winning 3-symbol combinations, aside from the 3-Milkshake combo, are the following: 3 single bars, 3 double bars, 3 triple bars, 3 skates, 3 flags, and 3 burgers. If you fail to hit identical symbols on the payline, you can still win up to 6 coins by getting one car anywhere on the payline.

Aside from a generous jackpot, Malt Shop Memories also has a wild symbol as well as a multiplier symbol. The Milkshake symbol can actually be used to replace any other symbol in the game to help you form a winning combination. For example, if you get a Burger symbol on the left and middle reels, and a Milkshake symbol on the right reel; the Milkshake will be a substitute for the Burger symbol and you'll have formed a 3-Burger winning combination. Furthermore, since the Milkshake symbol is also the multiplier symbol, you'll get twice the allotted payout for the winning combination.

Malt Shop Memories Slots

Malt Shop Memories is a simple yet fun and exciting slot game. You should visit Lincoln Casino to play Malt Shop Memories when you have time.