Triple Rainbow 7s Slots

The first thing that will definitely come to mind once you hear the word rainbow are beautiful colors in diverse and entirely different hues. Perhaps playing slots is the last thing that will come to your mind if the word rainbow is uttered. But, after you have played Triple Rainbow 7s Slots, you will definitely connect rainbow and slots in the most natural way, thanks to the way this slot game has been carefully and successfully rendered. The same can be said with Lincoln Casino – once you have played Triple Rainbow 7s Slots, you will definitely associate the game with no other casino but Lincoln Casino. Want to know more about casino promotions, bonuses and banking system? Read out Lincoln review page.

The Rainbow in Slots

How does Triple Rainbow 7s draw the connecting line between rainbow and slots? This is done by the simplest scheme – rendering the slot game with all the rainbow colors you have come to know. As such, the result is a simply bright and diverse-colored slot game that is wonderful. The colors are not too bright or too dull for you to have impairments during game play. The best part is that you can enjoy all the rainbow colors you can find here without having to strain your eyes because all the rainbow colors you will find in Triple Rainbow 7s are rendered in just the right way. The symbols, of course, also stay true to this theme. Added to the rainbow theme, however, are the number seven symbols you will find scattered in the reels. Now, what you should look out for is the symbol that represents the Wild Symbol. What’s good about the Wild symbol is that it can be paired with any two matching symbols to create a perfect match of three, plus additional bonuses. The Wild symbol in Triple Rainbow 7s is a seven symbol.

The Rules of Rainbow 7s Slots

The simplicity of Rainbow 7s slots is one of the reasons why it is best for people who just want to have some plain fun without having to think about every move made. You can just sit back and relax and focus your eyes on the center payline. This center payline is all that you will be paying for as Rainbow 7s slots is a single payline slot game. There are 3 reels that you have to match in the center payline in order to win the slot game. If you match the Wild Symbol with the two matching symbols, your winnings are multiplied.