Gold Rush Slots

Gold Rush Slots by Wager Gaming Technology vows to bring you back to the good ol’ days- the 1840s a time when Americans left their homes to head west in pursuit of boundless fortunes of gold along the California coast. While those days are over, Gold Rush Slots is a compelling 3 reel 1 payline classic slot game throwing you right into your own gold seeking adventure. The game has a rustic theme that throws a heavy nod to its historical namesake. The reels are sided with torches that appear to cast a crimson glow over the black play area. The dashboard is aligned on wood offering all the goodies one could ask for like a coin size selector, the spin button, and of course, an autoplay features. While penny pinching newbies may not be ovethemoon with its lack of lower coin sizes, the coin variances are $.10, $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, and a whopping $25 making the max bet per spin $75!

This wild west themed slot offers some familiar symbols across the reels like various bars, cherries, and sevens but also some unique symbols like the pick axe and the golden nugget.

Stocking Up on All Those Gold Nuggets

The highest jackpot in the game is a whopping 1600 coin payout which you can win by lining up three gold nuggets across the reels. The game also has a secondary jackpot of 1000 coins! That means with if you’re playing with a max coin size of $25 and you win the jackpot you can find yourself with a gold rush of $40,000 and a secondary jackpot of $25,000. This in itself makes Gold Rush Slots a mustplay.

A High Rollers Delight

This game certainly does cater towards the high rollers out there with coin size variances ranging up to $25 per coin while still offering some moderate opt ins as low as a dime. While some folks may be put off by the lack of penny or nickel options, the streamlined game and large jackpots for such a simple game certainly make up for that.

Many games that cater towards higher coin sizes often are overly complicated messes that aren’t worth the possible wins or the headache. Wager Gaming Technology has crafted a simple game that is fun to play, engaging, and can help you stuff some money in your wallet. Find your own gold rush right from the comfort of your living room with Gold Rush Slots.