Gladiator’s Gold Slots

Slot machines are a game of wonder where all casino operators seem to come up with one theme after another quickly. Slot machines have definitely evolved from the most common symbols of fruits to something different. One such slot game with Roman Gladiators can easily be found Gladiator's Gold at Liberty Slots Casino. It is considerably one of the newest games you can find in online casinos, and it would be good to get on top of the heap and keep updated with the trends in slot machines.

Gladiator's Gold Slots Payouts and Bet Limits

Payouts are especially good when you see a few of the symbols that look like a face shield, a lion, a helmet, body armour, chariot, axes, gladiator, shield, and coliseum. Among all these symbols, the face shield gets the biggest payout, followed by the lion, then the helmet, body armour, chariot, axes, gladiator, shield, and then the coliseum. You will be interested to find that, with the face shield alone, it can give you as much as 1000 for your bet and number of paylines combined. By getting two of them, it's 50 times as much in payout -the maximum payout for axes and gladiators.

When you talk about bets, a player needs only a minimum of 1 cent to be able to play the game. But if you happen to be a high roller, feel free to bet with the maximum of five $10 in coins.

Gladiator's Gold Details

With Gladiator's Gold, a player can use the five reels win five paylines for this slot machine. Should you encounter malfunction problems during the game, the payouts become voided. There would be instances when several winning combinations would come up for an active payline. In this case, the highest winning prize is added to your account. It is good to remember that they payouts are only applicable for active paylines, but outside of that, the player gets no credit for it.

There are several ways to win playing Gladiator's Gold. Every coin that you place in additional paylines enables a possible win. Since there are five paylines, four coins would enable the first four but not the fifth. To win, the combinations must be next to each other, and one of these must either be on the left or right of the reels so that the winning combinations are on reels 1, 2 and 3 or reels 3, 4 and 5 to receive a payout. Make like an Egyptian! Play Gladiator's Gold Slots at Liberty Slots Casino!