Money Shot Slots

Money Shot Slots

Power Shot at Liberty Slots Casino

Basketball is one of the popular game sports all over the world. In basketball lingo, an individual is sure to hear about the phrase power shot from time to time. If you read our Liberty Slots Casino review, see how Money Shot, one of the slot machines available, can help you enjoy the game while enjoying the basketball theme and symbols you can find. Go, download Liberty Slots Casino and play your favorite Money Shot Slots.

Money Shot Slots Table of Payouts

See how the payout table for Money Shot can urge you to play more, so you can get the chance to increase your account balance further by hitting the special symbols that can spell the multipliers for your bet. Get higher payouts with a minimum of two symbols of the cheerleaders and the mascot. For a minimum of three symbols of the All Star jersey, basketball shoes, game court, several balls, and a whistle - you can get increases by 5 to 200. Of course, the more symbols showing, such as five of the same symbols, the more it will translate to the highest winning combination.

Money Shot Bonus Round

The basketball symbol will be the indicator to launch the bonus round that can give you a guaranteed prize. The only condition set to get to this round is to have the symbol show on reels 2 and 4 on an active payline. The casino lounge will be covered completely by the bonus round interface which means you have to play this manually first before you can get on to the next payline when indicated at the onset of the game. If the basketball symbol should come up on more than one payline, expect the prize for the bonus round to grow higher.

There are three levels in the bonus round where you will try to take a shot at each net with the distance slowly increasing. Success at each shot will have a corresponding amount prize that will be posted on the scoreboard. The payout for the bonus round depends on several factors including the coin bet, number of paylines which crosses the two symbols of basketball bonus, and prizes accumulated at the end of the round. So, the higher the coin bets and paylines played; the higher the winnings will be.

You can try getting to the bonus round through the free spins you can earn along the way. Or keep logging in to Liberty Slots Casino to get to that golden opportunity at the game of Money Shot Slots.