Delicious Candies Slots

If you love sweets, then you are probably familiar with the saying that too much of those tasty treats are not good for your health. Luckily, there is some good news if you have a sweet tooth and don't want to feel guilty about it. The idea that too many sweets are not a good thing is certainly does not apply when you play Delicious Candies Slots. Consume as many candies and other sweets as possible on the reels of this slot machine game, because that will not only put you on a sugar rush but also on a gold rush.

Spin Mouthwatering and Bank Account Filling Symbols on the Reels

Mouthwatering and bank account filling sweets occupy the reel spots of this fun, candy themed slot machine title. If you have a taste for sugar and coins, then make sure you spin the three layered black forest cake, the doughnut, the gingerbread house, the watermelon ice pops, and various candy cane colored symbols (J, Q, K, and A) on the five reels and five paylines that are at your disposal when you play this game.

Scatter Cupcakes Supplies You with Eye Candy Sugars and Free Spins

In this virtual slot machine game, a tasty looking cupcake is not only your supplier of eye candy sugars but also of win opportunity rich free spins. You need to spin the scatter cupcake symbol on the reels a minimum of three times in order to win seven free spins that bring along a total wager times two benefit.

Pick Wild Strawberries That Substitute Other Symbols in Combinations

Did you ever try to find some wild strawberries during a stroll in nature? It turns out, you don't have to go out into the wild at all to find these deliciously beneficial fruits. The wild comes to you on your casino game screen when you spin the reels of Delicious Candies Slots. All you have to do is put strawberries on the game screen, because you will then benefit from the fact that they are able to change into any reel attribute as long as it is not one of those that triggers the bonus round or the scatter feature.

Make Bonus Wins with Treasure Chests

A treasure chest is the game's very own powerful bonus symbol. You need to match at least three bonus reel attributes on the slot machine game screen in order for you to initiate the potentially profitable bonus feature. In this bonus round, you can make instant wins when you choose the right treasure chest.

Increase Your Profits with the Winning Multiplier Feature

Wins count in this game but so do loses. This generous slot machine title gives you the unique opportunity to benefit from your losses with the help of a winning multiplier feature. Fill up your winning multiplier meter with one point every time you play a consecutive non-winning game, and take home 3 times, 5 times or even 15 times the reward when you eventually manage to spin a win on the screen. After you trigger your multiplier reward, a reset of the meter will take place.

Delicious Candies Slots Offers Sweet Treats Without the Calories

Delicious Candies Slots gives you all the sweets without the extra calories. Play this game if you love sweets, but prepare to increase the weight of your wallet instead of your body. This sugar coated slot machine title can be found in the game collections of various online gambling platforms like for example Cafe Casino. Head over to this gambling platform or any other sweets and profits serving casino website to have your share of the mouthwatering rewards.