3-Reel Wheel of Chance

Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots
If you've ever consigned something important to the whims of fate, then you'll understand what the 3-Reel Wheel of Chance is all about. This game features three reels that operate according to the caprices of a random number generator. It literally has your money's fate in its digital hands. While a sensation alternately promoted and/or vilified in popular culture and media (think meditation and control theory), it's something not totally unfamiliar where games of chance, online or otherwise, are concerned.

3-Reel Wheel of Chance Game

3-Reel Wheel of Chance is a slot machine game with a bonus round for more fun and excitement. And what’s more, winning a bonus round is definitely guaranteed. So start the game by hitting on the plus or minus symbols to choose your bet amount. You can opt to use Bet One to manually choose your coin bets or go full gear with Bet Max. And if you feel lucky today, go for Play Max to bet on the maximum coins for your next spin.

Take a look at the payout table to see which symbols spells a win for you. There’s the two-cherry symbol, Bar, red sevens and diamonds. Each of these symbols, depending on the combination shown on the reels after a spin, can get you twice your bet to 5 times or even as much as 2400 times your bet. And if you’re aiming for the bonus round, check out the Bonus symbol that looks like a colored wheel with the word Bonus written right in the middle of it.

For the bonus round, you will be prompted to spin the wheel of chance which will rest on one of the pie slices with the winning amount splashed on it. This amount will be posted on your balance board. You can continue to spin the wheels and hope they rest again on another amount to add to your bonus balance but if it lands on “Bust,” you will forfeit the bonus balance you’ve won so far and this automatically closes the bonus round. However, you are assured of a consolation prize of 5x the coin amount. When you want to stop before you get a “Bust,” you may collect the amount to end the round and keep your winnings for this round.

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