Marvelous Marlins Slots

Marvelous Marlins Slots
The marlin is a prize catch, sought after by game fishermen for its size, flair, and excellent fighting spirit. Now you, too, can hunt this finny trophy by playing Marvelous Marlins at Lincoln Casino. Read our Lincoln Casino review for more information about this casinos bonuses and promotions.

Marvelous Marlins Slots Payout Rules

Marvelous Marlins Slots is a 3-reel slot game. Unlike its other classic slot contemporaries, however, Marvelous Marlins has only one winning symbol: the Marlin. There are other game symbols, but only the Marlin is paid.

Hit one Marlin anywhere on the reels and you'll win. Marvelous Marlins has three active paylines: the top, the middle, and the bottom. The top payline has the highest payout of all.

Your payout also depends on the number of coins you bet. Marvelous Marlins accepts a minimum bet of 1 coin and a maximum bet of 5 coins. Naturally, more coins mean a higher payout. For instance, if you bet 1 coin and get a Marlin on the top payline, you will win 9 coins; however, if you bet 3 coins, you will win 27 coins or 3x the payout for the 1-coin bet.

To get the amount of coins you will win for every additional coin bet, just multiply the number of coins you bet with the 1-coin payout for the payline. The 1-coin payout for the top payline is 9 coins, as mentioned. The 1-coin payout for the middle payline, on the other hand, is 3 coins. And the 1-coin payout for the bottom payline, meanwhile, is 1 coin. Therefore, if you bet 4 coins and land a Marlin on the middle payline, your payout is 4 times 3 (the 1-coin bet payout for the middle payline); this is equal to 12 coins.

Great Fishing at Marvelous Marlins Slots

The great thing about Marvelous Marlins is that the more Marlins you "catch," the more you win! If you get one Marlin on each of the three paylines, then you will win the sum of the payout for each of these Marlins. If you bet 3 coins in that winning spin, for instance, you'll win 3 coins for the Marlin on the bottom payline, 9 coins for the Marlin on the middle payline, and 27 coins for the Marlin on the top payline; this is a total spin payout of 39 coins. To illustrate further, if you hit two Marlins on the top payline on a 5-coin spin, then you will win 90 coins, which is simply the sum of the corresponding payouts for each of the Marlins you have landed.

Marvelous Marlins Slots

Marvelous Marlins is a "marvelously" simple yet exhilarating game. You don't need to take note of various symbols. When you see the Marlin, you know you win. It's amply rewarding, too. Check out Marvelous Marlins now at Lincoln Casino.