Luck O’ the Irish Slots

Let’s take a trip to Ireland and bring some good luck to your world. The Irish sure know how to make your good luck grow and entertain you while you’re at it. Come and enjoy some time with friendly little green Leprechauns with green beer and pots of gold on this classic 3 reels 1 payline video slots game from Vegas Technology. You have your choice of downloading the casino software or no download if you just want to get started right away while you have your Lucky Charms. This game is sure to put you in a great mood as all the bright graphics and the illustrations are happy and colorful with all the colors of gold and rainbows. The folksy Irish music, sound effects and vivid symbol illustrations will have you merrily spinning away with such icons as a 4-leaf Clover, Pot of Gold, Green Beer, Triple Bars, Double Bars, Single Bars, and Leprechaun. The Pot of Gold is the wild symbol where fairy tales and dreams of gold are sure to come true and your way in this game.

Follow the rainbow to the jackpots

As you travel along the lucky green hills of Ireland and play with all the Leprechauns, you will see all the variety of coin sizes to play starting at $0.10, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $5, $10.00 with a maximum bet of $30. There’s so many ways to win prizes with 9 winning combinations to make this game really exciting. You can frolic like a lucky Leprechaun on over to the jackpots where the real gold awaits. Place your bets of $10 and you can fill your pots with glittering gold starting at $8,000 for 3 Pots of Gold if you bet 1 coin per line. Keep on dancing to the Irish music and load up with $16,000 for 3 Pots of Gold if you bet 2 coins per line. But it will be a merry and happy go lucky dream come true when you win the $24,000 for 3 Pots of Gold if you bet 3 coins per line.

Luck O’ the Irish Slots Bonus Game

Now you’ve come to the place where the Leprechauns have all the fun and hide all the secret gold prizes. Here’s where the slots game gets interactive and you get to pick the lucky Leprechauns and collect the prizes. All you have to do is get one Leprechaun on the payline and you’re in the bonus game. Then you will be taken to a setting with several of these happy Leprechauns under a beautiful rainbow waiting for you to pick the right little guys and collect the prizes. You can also trade your prizes and when you’re done head on back to spinning the lucky reels.

You’ll have lots of Irish luck casinos to pick from

Grab your Lucky Charms and head on over to the online casinos that have the WGT software so you can start to play Luck O’ the Irish Slots. You will see lots of casinos with different tempting sign up bonuses, promotions, reloads, offers and many ways to win. Find what suits your needs and get started on your lucky journey to finding the Leprechauns’ gold in this classic three reels slots machine. Then follow the rainbow to the place where there’s four leaf clovers, pots of gold and friendly Irish music do keep you happy and winning just like the Irish do.