Million Dollar Rally Slots

Race to Million Dollars

Get the chance to experience the race of your life! What race? No, not the Amazing Race, but an amazing slot game! We have a race-themed slot machine where you can receive high payouts. This game is called Million Dollar Rally Slots. You will find this game at one of our featured casinos, coincidentally enough, it's at Liberty Slots Casino. Here you you will find everything you need to win and win big.

Game Rules for Reference

Malfunction at any point of the game voids play as well as the payouts for that game. Combinations of winning symbols are checked for each active payline with the highest payout given to the player for the best winning combination shown. No payout, however, will be observed for winning combinations seen on disabled paylines. There are five reels for a maximum of five payouts for this game which provides several chances to win a combination at some point of play. Each coin is considered when activating payline so that three coin bets placed will activate the first three paylines alone, but not the last two.

If you wish to view the payout tables, you may do so my pressing on the button PAYTABLE anytime ,and go back to the game again with onc click on the button that says TO REELS.

Million Dollar Rally Slots Winnings Possible

The symbols of flags and cherries enables you to win an amount equal to or double the bet with just two of each kind. But higher payouts require a higher number of symbols of the same kind to pop up on the reels such as: the tire, seven, green car, red car, blue car, dollars, and the trophy. All of these symbols require at least three of the same kind to get a payout from the winning combinations.

What players may find lacking in the game though are the free spins and bonus rounds which, incidentally, are not available in other similar slot machines. But just the same, you may yet hit the right combination from this game. Winning can come with just a few spins. But if not, this is the time to wish you had some free spins to play so you can get closer to winning back what you bet and more. Who knows? Your $0.01 may yet give you the symbols that pays good money. Try out Million Dollar Rally at LibertySlots Casino!