Red, White and Win Slots

A slot game with a very interesting theme at Lincoln Casino is Red, White and Win Slots. As expected, the colors in this slot game are mentioned in the game title. The twist, however, is that the game is all centered on the colors of the American Flag, so you will see not only these colors but also everything related to this very nationalistic theme. The popularity of this slot game perhaps is due to the fact that not only is this game all about just playing and enjoying slots, but also knowing that you still pledge loyalty to your beloved country; assuming, of course, that you are a citizen of America. On our Lincoln casino description page you can find information about casino bonuses and promotions that will help you to play Red, White and Win Slots and win!

A Theme of Red and White

Bright blue, red and white are colors that stand out the most in Red, White and Win. This is, of course, to be expected since the slot game’s theme is all about the American flag. But more than the vivid portrayal of the colors of the American flag, you will also find other traces of the nation that has had a lot of online gamblers playing this slot game. These traces comprise the Statue of Liberty, which worthily describes the American spirit through a very detailed and huge sculpture, and the Eagle, a symbol associated with the spirit of America. Dollar bills are also used in Red, White and Win as worthy symbols of the American theme.

Knowing Your Way through Red, White and Win

Knowing your way through Red, White and Win shouldn’t be a hard task, especially if you are a novice at playing slots. In fact, if you really want to, you can just sit down and wait for the events to turn out for you. This is perfectly possible. Red, White and Win slots is a single payline, three reel slot game. This is, simply defined, as easy as a slot game online can get. You just have to match all three symbols in each of the three reels, and you are good to go. Make sure though that all these symbols are perfectly matched in the center payline. If the Statue of Liberty appears, consider yourself lucky because you automatically deem yourself eligible for a payout. Also, if you want to qualify for the progressive jackpot, make sure that you bet all 3 coins in Red, White and Win slots.