Jolly Harbour Slots

Are you enjoying the ride of slot machines at your favorite casino? Good for you. But how about trying Jolly Harbour at Liberty Slots Casino and see how this simple yet engaging game can become an opportunity for you to get more out of your everyday gaming at slot machines. New players can even get lucky with lady luck smiling down upon them! You sometimes wonder if you should’ve stayed longer to see if things turned out for the better. With a low bet requirement, you need not wonder any longer on what could’ve been at Jolly Harbour.

Basic Steps of the Game: Jolly Harbour

You won’t find yourself experiencing brain freeze with too much memorization work. There’s no need to familiarize yourself with this and that to be able to figure out whether you have a better chance at winning or failing at it again. All you need to remember is that more spins means more opportunities to get the right combination to finally show up and earn you a better payout this time.

The game is very easy to follow. The buttons you need are clearly displayed right in front of you. BET ONE lets you choose the coin bet you want to play for that particular payline. Once you reach the maximum coin bet, the number automatically starts over because the maximum is set at $10. The BET MAX button will record active paylines on all paylines for the game, complete with the maximum bet. To start the reels spinning, hit the SPIN button. You may allow the reels to stop by themselves or catch it in mid-spin with the STOP SPIN option, too.

Enabling Paylines

Jolly Harbour is one of the short golden slot games that players can enjoy with its five paylines and equal number of reels at the same time. There are several possibilities to win from each spin of the reels, so that if they should occur at the same time, the highest win is registered to the player’s account.

Since there are a maximum of five paylines, a player has to enable them to be eligible for any winning combination that might arise. Otherwise, the winning combination of symbols is only possible on active paylines but not on those that are enabled beforehand. Assure yourself that the paylines are activated by betting on each one or hitting BET MAX on your screen. Now you're ready to play Jolly Harbour Slots at Liberty Slots Casino!