Princess Jewels Slots

Princess Jewels Slots
Grab this chance to ride on the popularity of a new slot machine game offered at Liberty Slots Casino. You will see a princess with a treasure box full of jewels. You guessed it right! All these characters and things are symbols you will find in the game that can mean big. The game is Princess Jewels Slots available at Liberty Slots Casino. Download and play Princess Jewels today!

Reels and Paylines

Princess Jewels Slots is a game with five reels and nine paylines, four higher than some of the quickest games with only 5 paylines. Chances of winning are increased by betting on several paylines instead of just a few. When the reels stop after spinning, the combinations that show on the paylines are checked. Enabled paylines get the chance to gain payouts from winning combinations, but this does not apply to disabled paylines. Several winning combinations doesn't necessarily give the player the chance to earn from each one, but only the highest payouts are credited to his or her account.

Each coin placed for a payline activates it for a possible win payout. A disabled payline may pull up a winning combination, but it will not earn the player any payout in this case. The game has a table of payouts as a reference for players, making it easy to see what combination provides the best payout.

Princess Jewels Slots Buttons to Learn

Navigating through the game can be easy if you know where it would lead you and what it is supposed to do for you. If you are interested to find out about the payout, click on the button labeled Paytable. Once you’ve finished reading the paytable, simply click on To Reels to return to the game and hit the Spin button. A click on Stop Spin will stop the reels from turning. Automatic play is available in case you have several paylines activated, and you need to do something else at the same time. If you get disconnected, you will play from the time when you last completed a spin. That should be fair enough for all.