Butterflies Slots

Butterflies Slots

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Do games such as Reel Deal Slots and Cupid’s Arrow Slots appeal to you? If they do you will love playing Butterflies Slots as well. Try downloading and playing this game now so you can give it a try. Let’s see what’s in store for you when you do, shall we?

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This slots game has five reels to watch and twenty five paylines which could come up trumps every time you spin the reels. Remember that you will only win a prize for a particular payline if you actually bet something on it before you spun the reels.

What are the minimum and maximum bet amounts?

There are seven different types of coin size you can opt for in Butterflies slots. The smallest is just one cent, whereas you can go right up to ten dollars if you want to. Remember though that the total amount you will bet goes according to how many paylines you bet on, so bear this in mind and do some calculations before you spin the reels.

What symbols are used in the game?

Some of the symbols are standard ones you would find in a card game, i.e. the king, queen and jack for example. But the special symbols are also in play and as you might expect, one of these is a butterfly.

The wild symbol is a house and the scatter symbol is a flower, so make sure you look out for these as they can increase your chances of winning. The prizes in this game are pretty good as well, which is why it is one of the more popular online slots games around today. If you like to play Lucky Lady slots, you might like to add this one to your preferred list as well.

Are there any bonus games to play as well?

Unfortunately this slots game does not have a bonus game to look forward to. However if you love playing straightforward slots games with a nice look and feel to them, you will get all this and more from this particular game.

So you see, the Butterflies slots game can provide a nice game to play if you have some time to while away. Why not leave the Cleopatra Pyramid game to one side for a while and opt for the butterflies instead?