Holiday Feast Slots

This 3-reel, 1-payline classic features a graduated scale of pay-off's, giving its players a much wider range of prizes than the usual 3-reel slot online. It has all the notable perks of multi-line slots but none of the fuss or the confusion.

To start with, you must choose your coin denomination from those available. You just click the plus or minus sign beyond the 25¢ sign on screen. After you have chosen the value of each coin, you must decide how many such coins you wish to bet. Click Bet One once to bet one coin and twice to bet two coins; simply click Play Max if you want to bet three coins. After betting, click Spin Reels; you won't have to do this if you chose Play Max as the reels would automatically start spinning.

Holiday Feast winning combinations

After the reels have stopped spinning, check the payline for a winning combination. There are 8 winning combinations in all. Just one Pumpkin Pie symbol on the payline will entitle you to a prize. The other game symbols are the bars (with variants), the Leaf, the Turkey, and the Pilgrim Hat symbols.

You will win the jackpot of 2,400 coins if you hit three Pilgrim Hat symbols on the payline on a bet of three coins. Hit just one Turkey on the payline and you'll get a bonus round. During this bonus round, you will be able to choose several Turkey symbols and collect their corresponding bonus prizes.

The Holiday Feast also has a wild and multiplier symbol – the Pilgrim Hat. If you hit one Pilgrim Hat on the payline, you can use it to complete a winning combination. For instance, if you get two Leaf symbols and one Pilgrim Hat, the Pilgrim Hat will be a stand-in for another Leaf symbol so you will get a winning combination of three Leaf symbols. Since the Pilgrim Hat is also a multiplier, the payout for this winning combination will also be doubled. It will be quadrupled, on the other hand, if you use two wild symbols to complete your winning combination.

Play Holiday Feast Slots

This Holiday-themed online slots is one of the best 3-reel slots online. Its single payline and very navigable interface keep it simple. Its bonus round, multiplier symbol and wild symbol, however, make it a lot of fun.