Island Hoppers Slots

People with wanderlust, unite! You can now play Island Hoppers

at Lincoln Casino where you can satisfy your desire for adventure without having to leave the comforts of your home. Read our Lincoln Casino review for more information about the casino.

Island Hoppers Slots Interface

The Island Hoppers interface is very cool to the eyes. Its predominant colors are cool blues and greens, accented by various shades of yellow. The paytable is found at the right side of the screen. It is adequately large so you'll have no difficulty comparing your payline symbols to the possible winning combinations at the pay schedule.

To be consistent with the island-hopping theme, the main symbols are small planes - the kind used for island hopping, naturally. There are also the usual Seven and Bar (one to three) symbols. The most important symbol, however, is the Wings symbol.

The Island Hoppers looks clean and is easy on the eyes. It doesn't have the most advanced graphics, but they do very well anyway. People who dislike too flashy icons and symbols in their slot games will find the Island Hoppers interface more than satisfactory.

Island Hoppers Mechanics

To begin the game, you must select your coin value. You can choose from a coin value of $0.10 to $10. Then, choose the number of coins you want to bet and hit Spin. The three reels should start spinning after that, so all you have to do is to wait for the reels to stop spinning then check the single payline (center payline) for the winning combination. If you cannot wait, you can also stop the spinning reels prematurely by clicking on the Stop Spin button.

Getting three bar symbols (any variant) on the payline will entitle you to a payout. You will also get a prize for hitting three 1-Bar symbols, three 2-Bar symbols and three 3-Bar symbols. Three Seven and Plane symbols are also winning combinations. The highest payout, however, is awarded to players who land three Wings symbols on the payline after betting three coins. The jackpot prize, in this case, is 2,000 coins.

Play Island Hoppers Slots

Island Hoppers is a traditional slot game that plays very smoothly. Although it won't win any awards for the best graphics, the interface has the advantage of looking clean and uncluttered. The game itself is also very easy to play; no special training or practice is required. Give Island Hoppers a shot at Lincoln Casino, and you might be surprised at how quickly time flies!