Win Place or Show Slots

Win Place or Show Slots actually incorporates two of the most popular gambling habits into one gaming experience you will surely love. Though its name may not say a lot about its theme, Win Place or Show is all about horse-racing and playing slots. Every inch of this slot game will tell you so once you have experienced the thrill of playing this game. As for the best place to play Win Place or Show slots, make sure you go to LibertySlots Casino; a topnotch and award-winning casino that beats other online casinos in terms of the quality of games as well as the quality of services. Downloading Liberty Slots Casino and playing Win Place or Show Slots is one of the best moves you can possibly make as an online casino player. Want to know more before you start? Read our Liberty Slots Casino page where you can find information about casino banking system, bonuses, promotions and slots tournaments schedule featuring your favourite slot games and starting dates.

The Theme of Win Place or Show Slots

How does Win Place or Show Slots manage to pull off a theme about horse racing? It is through the backdrop of the game. You will surely notice how the green horse track matches your favorite horse racetrack. It is indeed very appropriate, given the theme of Win Place or Show. Another aspect of this theme is exercised through the symbols and icons you will have to match in the reels. Some of the most notable horse racing icons are the horseshoes; 7 symbols that are checkered to indicate its loyalty to the theme, and colors ordinarily worn by jockeys in the field. These will definitely entice you to play some more, especially if you are the type of person who is very much into horse racing.

The Rules of Win Place or Show Slots

The rules of Win Place or Show slots will be easy to follow once you play the game. As a 3 reel slot machine, what you have to do is to match one symbol per reel in order to form a straight matching combination in the center payline. You can bet a maximum of 3 coins per round, with each coin priced at $0.50 each. Evidently, the betting requirement is not very tight, which will perhaps beckon you to play a few more rounds than you expected.