Swept Away Slots

Did you ever once wonder what it must be like to be so caught up in the moment that you forget yourself and just live for the moment? It's probably like when you get caught up in a good game, one so appealing that it momentarily causes you to forget where you are and causes you to be Swept Away. And if you watched the movie by Tom Hanks with the same title, you will find the same scenario with this slots game.

What is Swept Away?

Liberty Slots Casino's Swept Away Slots will certainly do its best to try and do just that. Just one of the many slots games available at the Liberty Slots website, it is a slot machine game that offers many prizes to all players. There are three reels for a single or center payline for this game. The logo of the game happens to be a wild symbol. Should the logo appear, you are considered a winner. Each coin you bet increases your possible payout.

Receive a payout for combinations of game logos, fire, triple bars, double bars and single bars. Get three of the symbols mentioned and multiply your coin bet by 10 to 4000 times the original value of your wager. And no need to fret that the symbols in threes are difficult to achieve because we give you leeway with any one or two of the game logo or even the three bars for a corresponding payout. All you need to start playing is a low $0.10 to as high as three $10 coins at a given round.

Getting into Liberty Slots Casino to try and play the game is as easy as downloading our software and installing it (it's designed for use on Windows machines, but users on Intel Macs might be able to make it work using an emulator). Your Internet access grants you passage into the Liberty Slots Casino, Swept Away Slots, and the other games afterwards.

Game Perks

To sweeten the deal, we let people try our games for free as well. All that's needed is a registration, and with an e-cash account, you can switch to real money play any time you want to. We also have many perks for our players including cash-back and deposit match bonuses. We also have a generous signup bonus of 800 dollars, plus a VIP program for our frequent patrons. The more you play Swept Away, the more you can potentially get back! Download Liberty Slots Casino and check this out.