Black Gold Rush Slots

Black Gold Rush Slots
Did you know that online slots are winnable, given the proper strategy? Strike your own mother lode by playing Black Gold Rush, a traditional-format online slot machine game offered by Liberty Slots Casino. Black Gold Rush offers you endless reels of chance and fun. You don't even need to play for money because at this US players friendly you can sign up and play for free with a Guest account!

Serious Playing

But when you're ready to do some serious gaming, you can take the kiddie gloves off and start playing for real. All this requires is a minute or two, and then you can then play for money any of the 80 games available via the Liberty Slots Casino gateway. Try Black Gold Rush which is another traditional slot game which uses three reels for ease of gaming for young and old alike. And it’s so easy to play where you only need to familiarize yourself with the following buttons: Bet One, Bet Max, Spin and Stop Spin. That’s all the buttons you need to know and you’re good to go. And since this game uses an oil field for a backdrop, watch out for at least a single oil pump symbol to get twice, 4x or 6x your bet depending on the number of coins which could be 1-3. Other winning combinations are three symbols of the following: oil drops, $ signs, cars, cowboy hats, oil barrels, Texas state and gold bars. More coins means more payout for those symbols indicated earlier. And if you’re wondering how much to bet on this game, you can start the reels spinning with a $0.10 coin or you can keep going at it with as much as three of $10 coins.

Slot Specialties

We're also a haven for online slots enthusiasts. We don't just have traditional slot machine games like Black Gold Rush, King Tut's Treasure, Swept Away, and Fruit Slots. We've got 3-reel, 5-reel, and 7-reel video slots, too, each with its own specific chances of winning and themes. Partake of the bounties of Holiday Feast; find your reel treasure at X Marks the Spot; chance the Haunted Reels for prizes; find out what the Mermaid's Quest holds for you. If you're a bee wanting a sweeter pot of honey, you can also try out our games which feature progressive jackpots. So if you're looking for some online fun, sans real-world hassle, give Black Gold rush and the rest of Liberty Slots Casino a try!