Island Gold Slots

Slot machines can be anyone's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow -and rainbows are bound to come only during a summer's day, right after a storm. This slot machine figures that a tropical island will give you that pot of gold through Island Gold. One can play this game anytime at OnlineVegas Casino whenever it's most convenient because this casino does not close and it remains open 24 by 7.

Play Island Gold Slots with Ease

Get your chance to win bigger and better prizes without thinking of too many strategies such as keeping track of numbers and co-players at the same time you are minding your own hand. The only thing you need to do is hope that the reels stop at the right places with the right number of symbols for you to get the payout you want.

First things first. The game is quite easy to follow. Select your coin bet first which can be as low as 1 cent or a maximum of five $10 coins. You may use BET ONE for the first option, and BET MAX for the latter. After deciding on the coin bet, think of the number of paylines you want to play. With a maximum of five paylines and the game going quicker, which is what you would normally expect from a slot machine, it is recommended to go for five paylines to enable them. Press the buttons Spin and Stop Spin when you want to start and end the spinning of the reels.

Win to Pay

Winning combinations come with symbols such as the logo, compass, a glass of martini, sun, moon, mango, shark, palm tree, and a drum. In the same order, you will find decreasing payout grids. Only with the symbols of palm trees and drums will you be able to get a minimum payout from a minimum of just two of the same kind. With the rest of the other symbols, you would need at least three of each showing adjacent to each other starting from the either left or right of the reels before it is considered a winner.

For example, a compass symbol has to show on reels 1, 2, and 3 or 3, 4 and 5 for it to be considered a winning combination, and makes you eligible to receive 50 times your coin bet. Once you get used to this system, things get easier as you go along. You will get excited to see what combination comes up next after your spin. Find out by playing Island Cold Slots at Liberty Slots Casino!